Local Clients:

If you need any parts and are in the area, stop by and return the damaged part within the 90-day warranty period and we will be more than happy to fix or restore the part. We also offer phone support from our experienced technicians during the warranty period at no extra charge for in store sales. Labor outside from our store is not free of charge, but the service is offered at a price. Labor is only free of charge if the client brings the damaged part to our store.

Online and Outside Clients:

If you have any problems with a part, send it in within the 90-day warranty period and we will gladly repair or restore the part. We do offer phone support for outside clients during the warranty period but will not offer any at home labor repairs.

Does Not Include:

Warranty excludes items that are specifically marked as a non-warranty item. Customer will be notified beforehand for such items. Circumstances that are out our control (vandalism, fires, floods, etc.) that occur during the shipping process are not covered by the warranty as well as power surges that cause malfunction to machine power or excess power to machine, as well as 'salting of machines' are not covered by the warranty.

What is 'salting of machines'?

Salting of machines is a cheating method that is used to induce free products out of the vending machines by pouring salt water into the coin slots. A lot of the times, this action causes the coin mechanisms or validators to become permanently damaged and/or unusable.

Parts Limited Warranty:

All machines and refurbished coin mechanisms, bill validators, PC boards carry a 90-day limited parts warranty. Machine parts, such as coin changers, validators, display units, control boxes and other removable machine items are also included in the limited parts warranty. Display lamps are not included in the warranty and/or compression units that have malfunctioned due to user error during installation. We will analyze the failed compression unit before deducing an installation error.

In Case of Shipping Damage:

Please note any damages to machines in the Bill of Lading and have the driver SIGN IT. Shipping damages are infrequent and when they do happen, the damage is usually inconsequential. The shipping company will usually cover any minor damages, such as broken glass on the machines or bent legs. PLEASE DO NOT REFUSE THE MACHINE FOR MINOR DAMAGES. They will be covered. However, if for any reason the machine is severely damaged and you refuse the shipment, please mark on the bill of lading, refused due to major damage. Ross Vending does not accept responsibility for negligence from the freight company. This includes physical damage, missing items, or other circumstances that are out of our hands. Please file all shipping claims directly to the freight company if you need to do so.

Post Warranty:

There is a flat fee for part repairs after the 90-day warranty is over. Please contact us for the current prices on all part repairs.




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