Warranty Information

Limited Parts Warranty

Warranty Policy “Limited Parts Warranty”: this indicates that the warranty provided does not extend to every possible situation. There are situations that are excluded; therefore the warranty is “limited” rather than “unlimited”. No dealers we know of offer an “unlimited” warranty, because there are so many situations outside of its control..
Every effort is made to ensure that any purchased equipment, refurbished or used, has been thoroughly checked out before it leaves our building. By doing the extra work and testing on our machines many possible warranty issues are eliminated from the start. We have a large, in-house parts and service department staffed with personnel who are experienced with just about any problem you may encounter. All machines rated A, B or C all rebuilt coin mechs, rebuilt validators (if offered) and rebuilt pc boards carry a 90 day limited parts warranty. For machines this includes (but is not limited to) all components such as, changers, validators, refrigeration units (removable type, soda machines etc.), motors, solenoids, logic boards, control boxes, digital display units. This warranty has been extended over time from 30 days to 90 days to allow for items that quit prematurely. Now that our warranty has been extended there is no grace period. All items that fail have to replaced during our 90 day warranty period. The 90 day limited warranty starts when the machines are picked up from our facility (if local), when delivered to the customer (if by truck) or five days after the machines are shipped from our facility, which ever comes first. Please remember to put machines into service as soon as possible (in order to check for possible issues caused by trucking). Failure to put machines into service in a timely manner does not extend the warranty. Exclusions: Warranty does not include display lamps, fluorescent or incandescent. Any compressor units that fail during the warranty must be returned to us for examination before being replaced under warranty. Upon examination we find that the unit has failed (due to a leak) from user error on installation, tubing bent or kinked then the unit will not be replaced under warranty.

Phone Technical Support: Lifetime technical support
Technical Support Hours : Phone support is only available Monday Through Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Warranty Replacement Parts: Are shipped by the USPS, either first class or priority mail only. We do not overnight replacement parts under any circumstances.

Deffective Parts: All defective parts that have failed during the warranty period must be returned to Ross Vending upon receipt of replacement parts.


For local customers: If parts are needed, return the defective part within ninety days and we'll be happy to repair or replace the part. For local customers we will offer phone support for all labor issues for a period of ninety days at no charge for all walk in store purchases. We only offer labor at no charge if you return the machine to us for repairs to be done in our shop.
For on-line/out-of-area purchases: If parts are needed, return the defective part within ninety days and we'll be happy to repair or replace the part. We will offer phone support for all labor issues for a period of ninety days at no charge for all online or internet purchases. WE DO NOT COVER LABOR CHARGES, IF YOU REQUIRE A TECHNICIAN AT YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS YOU MUST PAY FOR IT. WE SEND VENDING MACHINES ALL OVER THE WORLD SO WE NEVER SEND REPAIR PEOPLE TO YOUR LOCATION, WE ONLY OFFER A PARTS WARRANTY ONLY.

Exclusions: Items marked or sold 'AS IS' or listed as such on our original invoice, with advance notification to customer that the item sold carries no warranty. Acts of vandalism, fire, flood, terrorism or other natural disasters not listed, power surges causing disruption to machine power or excess power to be delivered to machine, or 'salting of machines*' are not covered by warranty. *'Salting of machines' occurs when salt water is poured or injected into the coin chutes or validators of vending machines for purpose of cheating machine. Many times the act of 'salting' ruins the coin mech or validators and renders it unusable. Salting of machines, coin mechs or validators is considered an act of vandalism. Any machine that has had the serial number plate, defaced or removed will not be covered under warranty.

Damage From Shipping (Rare)

Damage from shipping (rare): If the machine we send you is damaged in shipment please note the damage on the Bill of Lading and have the driver sign it. Shipping damage is very rare but when it does occur it is usually minor. Broken glass on snack machines or bent legs is not a big deal to repair so do not refuse the machine for minor damage. Usually the freight company will make a quick payment for such minor repairs. We have had damage in less than 2% of all items shipped with our top carriers. In the unlikely event that the machine has suffered major damage (over $200 repairs, once inspected by the carrier) then refuse the shipment and have the Bill of Lading marked 'refused due to major damage. Freight is booked as a courtesy and Ross Vending never assumes any responsibility for the actions of the freight company, either due to damage, missing items, freight storage charges or other items out of our control. All freight charges are considered final and will never be refunded by Ross Vending. Should a major claim occur please remember to include your freight charges in your claim. To report a freight claim on a shipment booked with our carriers please call the carrier directly to report your claim. The carriers phone number will be located on the shipment confirmation email the was sent by our shipping system at the time you item was shipped.
At Ross Vending, we know how important customer service is to you. Please know that we will do everything possible to ensure your complete satisfaction with any purchases made from our company.

After Warranty Period

After warranty: We have a flat rate repair or replacement program for many items such as validators, changers, logic boards. Flat rate repairs, please contact us at 951-276-2285 for current repair prices on units that you need repaired or see our flat rate repairs page.
Extended warranty

Not offered