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Ross Vending, Industry Leader, supplying your vending needs. These Multi- price Vendo 504's have been painstakingly refurbished to the highest standards. Brand new high scuff mark resistant paint. Motorized and moving parts meticulously inspected and put through a range of modalities. A range of quality bill/ coin/ board options (comes standard with MDB 3 tube/ Coinco).  Motors and electronics thoroughly tested and guaranteed!

Credit Card Reader Compatible!

Height:  72in
Width:  38 in
Depth:  32 in
Ship Weight: 775 lb
Electrical: 115 volts AC
Selections: 10 selections
Capacity: 720 cans
Styling:  optional
Products: 12 or 16 oz cans, 20 oz bottles
Front:  Curved front
Coin mech: MDB 3 tube
Bill validator: Coinco 

Credit Card Reader: optional